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You can always find plenty of ways in which to incorporate glass into your kitchen design, whether you’re going for a modern or a traditional look. Moreover, when you opt for Ikea installation services such as ours, you can expect nothing less than luxurious and elegant glassware uses, giving your kitchen a more refined palate than ever before.

So how can glass lend such a sophisticated air to your kitchen cabinets dear Alexandria or DC homeowner? You’re going to need somewhere to store all your glassware, so why not install glass display windows to complement the gorgeous wine glasses and present them to all your house guests? When your kitchen is home to fine glassware and china, you should consider incorporating them into the design pattern by keeping them displayed within the dignified confines of glass doors and windows.

Believe it or not, the aesthetic charms of including glass in your Ikea installation plan go even further. Glass doors also come with the ability to install interior lighting of your choice, illuminating the items therein and painting a glossy sheen to the inside spaces. In addition, the inclusion of lighting to your cabinets has the benefit of increasing spatial dimensions to the enclosed spaces, increasing extra value to its already luxurious environment.

In fact, the spatial dimensions go beyond the cabinets themselves. Imagine you walk into a kitchen with more traditional cabinets and cupboards. The enclosed cabinets seem to close in on the surrounding spaces. Now, picture the same kitchen, but now when you step inside, illuminated glass doors hold those same cabinets together, assisting in highlighting the elegance of your finest glassware. By utilizing our professional Ikea installation services, you will transform your kitchen into a stunning antiques store all to yourself, helping you cast an immediate impression of luxury and wealth to all who step inside.

Have you even stopped to consider the different kinds of glass you can use for your kitchen cabinets? Clear glass has the advantage of immediately displaying your prized china, and the simplicity of the design will complement any traditional cabinet design. However, for those with a modern sensibility who are looking for additional sense of depth to their Ikea installation plan, consider the use of textured glass. Suddenly, you’ve blended elegance with mystery, especially if you install interior lighting to give your glassware an ethereal glow. When you finally open the textured glass doors for some wine, the reveal will seem like a miracle.

When you include glass doors to your kitchen and use our custom Ikea installation services, you will instantly increase the value, elegance, and space currently available to your kitchen. Contact us for more information and ideas on how glass doors have the power to transform your kitchen for the better.


Saving tons on cabinetry with a store like Ikea – but, don’t want it to look cheap?‘tricks of the trade’ to making an Ikea kitchen look totally custom and expensive. We like to call it the ‘encapsulation method.’
There are excellent
Custom cabinetry provides that extra finished look and you can have it too. An Ikea Kitchen Designer & Installer will come to your home and show you how beautiful Ikea cabinets can be in your space. With an encapsulation of your cabinets they can cover all the bases to achieve that high-end look.

Crown Molding

Never underestimate the power of a crown molded edge. Adding this small touch of painted lumber you can achieve a very fine edge with no gaps. It take a look from just okay to completely custom.


Filler Panel or Base

This simple outside panel finishes a cabinet look by getting your base cabinets as close to the wall edge as possible. Gaps are usually a dead giveaway that you saved lots of money. This filler panel makes 500 dollar cabinets look like a million bucks. Our Ikea kitchen installers can help you complete your design to achieve this edge.

Lower Edge Valance & Kick Plate

To complete your cabinet encapsulation and achieve that custom look, you can also build in a lower edge valance on the upper cabinetry or kick plate on the lower. This small-boxed edge really finishes things off nicely and adds that extra touch a high-end design would achieve.
Once again, Ikea helps you achieve the luxury of a custom look without breaking the bank. Let an Ikea Kitchen Designer & Installer come to you and show you the beautiful options available for your kitchen design.



Trying to sell your home, but kitchens got you down? According to the national real estate market stats a kitchen is one of the most valuable assets a seller has when putting the house up for sale. A dated kitchen will immediately turn off a buyer. If you are looking for a low-cost way to punch up your space and bring up your bottom line, look no further than an Ikea Kitchen Designer & Installer.
Keeping your budget in mind an Ikea Kitchen Designer can take your old dated cabinetry and bring appealing high style into your space without breaking the budget. What do an Ikea Kitchen Installer and real estate advisers suggest doing to increase your market value?

Neutral Design

The first thing a buyer will be looking for is a kitchen that almost anyone can see cooking in. Choosing a neutral color palette of whites, creams or browns keeps the buyer’s eyes on the space at hand, not focusing on the color specific choices that may not appeal to everyone.

Storage Galore & More

All buyers want storage in every nook and cranny they can get it. A well-trained Ikea Kitchen Designer can help you plan out the right use of cabinetry and storage options to really maximize your kitchen layout. There are so many options for inserts, liners, hooks and other accessories that really open up your storage above and below. This type of low cost addition to the kitchen really appeals to buyers.

Countertop Choices

Staying neutral for your counters is also your best bet. Choosing a counter that is clean and streamlined doesn’t need to be expensive. An Ikea Kitchen Designer can show you products that are inexpensive but appealing to buyers.
Keeping your appliances but, matching the countertop to your older machines will bring them more up to date and make them stand out less. An Ikea Kitchen Installer can ensure that your counter-tops are flush and look custom in your kitchen.
Creating a more up-to-date look in your kitchen is key if you are considering selling your home. Increase your value, your sellability and your options by talking to an Ikea Kitchen Designer & Installer today.



Even the most die-hard Ikea fans have many unanswered questions when it comes to the process renovating their kitchen with Ikea cabinets.
Online, there are many useful blogs, fan clubs with tons of information but when it comes to understanding each step of the process there are still unanswered questions. We, as professional Ikea installers try to offer as much information as possible from the first phone conversation.
We answer questions like: How much space is necessary to store the flat pack cabinets until the actual assembly and installation begins or how long the Ikea kitchen cabinets installation process should take?
One of the most common questions asked is about the quality of the Ikea cabinets or about the length of the warranty that Ikea offers.
So, I would like to explain just a few steps about how a typical Ikea kitchen installation should progress starting with the demolition. Let’s say our customer Anna got in touch with us through our “Book your appointment” box on our website. She is interested in having her old kitchen revamped with modern Ikea cabinets.
After the initial phone conversation we would schedule an appointment with Anna to measure her kitchen space. Our measurement and design services cost $149 and within this price we offer as many revisions as necessary.
After 24hr Anna would receive a link in her email where she can see her kitchen in 3D in the Ikea planner tool. After reviewing the layout Anna would tell us that she approves the design, loves our ideas and the proposed layout. Her Ikea kitchen has a total of 20 cabinets.
Anna decides to hire us for her project. After the cabinets were bought and delivered we would start Anna’s Ikea kitchen installation project within 7 days.
On the first day on the job we would remove the old, dated cabinets and already start the assembly of the new cabinets. The second day, the actual installation of the Ikea cabinets begins. On the third day all cabinets would be beautifully aligned and ready for the quartz or granite countertop measurements. Her Ikea kitchen installation process should take a total of 4 days including the demolition.
The Ikea kitchen installation process should be a smooth and stress free undertaking for any homeowner. Starting with the measurements that would have to be done by a professional, experienced company and finishing with the removal of any debris from the job site.
By using our Ikea installation service homeowners can achieve proposed goals of maximizing kitchen space, obtaining a custom look, bring high style and designer features to any kitchen.

Christine and Dan Stout

“We have had the pleasure of working with Paula and Marius on three projects in our home and we could not be happier with the outcome. They have the ability to take the ideas in my head and bring them to life in my redesigned rooms. I can be very particular and they took the time to make sure I was happy with each and every selection from the tile, to the design, to the fixtures and colors. The quality of the work is amazing and all the little details are attended to including some features they included that I had not even thought of. They will work within the budget you give them to create a beautiful, designer end product. I will definitely use them for future projects!”

Nancy & Greg Andersen

“Paula and Marius are a great team to work with – they listen to what you are looking for, and they offer amazing ideas on design and function. They are very flexible in how much design guidance you want: they let you take the lead if you have particular ideas, they offer up varied ideas as you go along, or they will take complete charge when you don’t have an opinion. And their finished work is beautiful. They collaborate with you, and their ultimate goal is to have you love what you have created together.”

Michelle and Rob Saylor

“Paula and Marius’s work is amazing. They took the time to “do it right” where a lot of contractors would have cut corners, and just put lipstick over existing problems!  That kind of work ethic is hard to find.  We’d recommend them for any job! They are highly skilled, creative and trust-worthy!”

Mike Triangle and Joe Puzzo

“EXCEPTIONAL work. Amazing attention to detail. Meticulous in lining up cabinets, backsplash, lighting, trim. Perfect lines in the painting and wonderful work with patching and repairing walls and ceiling. They made the selection and did the installation of the granite and it’s stunning, just perfect!! Incredibly easy to talk to. On time every day. Always working when I got home from work. Immediate attention to any issues I had with no attitude. Great guidance in choices for backsplash, granite, electrical plate covers, faucet…. They essentially took care of everything. Cleaned up each day….although prepare, no matter how much you clean up, redoing a kitchen, patching & repairing walls/ceiling is messy work, lots of dust. They left the place in beautiful shape. They worked the day before & after Thanksgiving and got the entire job done in an amazing 13 days with a few touch ups the following day. It far, far, FAR exceeded my expectations. It’s an added bonus that Paula and Marius, designer/worker/owner are just incredibly nice and super hard-working. They’re talented and extremely professional. I HIGHLY recommend them.”

Sybil and Paul Schneider

“We absolutely love working with Paula and Marius of Expert Design.  Marius is a meticulous craftsman and Paula is a talented designer – both are passionate about perfection!  The unbeatable quality and value, coupled with the personal touch and attention you would only expect of friends, has us coming back to them again and again.  They first bailed us out on an Ikea kitchen installation that was spiraling out of control with the commercial contractor Ikea works with.  Upon completion of our gorgeous kitchen, we learned that bathrooms are their true passion.  We soon brought them back to complete a small basement bathroom that went from shoddy DIY (previous owner) to HGTV perfection!  Since then, they completed the main upstairs bathroom (from builder’s grade boring to designer WOW!); reconfigured and refreshed the basement laundry room, including a custom sauna!; and replaced our unsightly basement drop ceilings with drywall and contemporary pot lights.  They will soon redo the master bathroom remodel (by a large commercial remodeling company) that doesn’t hold a candle to their work.  Expert Design is a one-of-a-kind operation that gives you affordable quality with a personal touch.”