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Ikea kitchens design and installation | DC VIRGINIA MARYLAND


  • Avoid mistakes and the frustration of misinterpreting and misunderstanding installation instruction manuals.
  • Protect your back from strain or injuries caused by lifting and moving around those heavy and cumbersome boxes.
  • Relax while a professional Ikea kitchen installer takes care of your cabinets with the utmost care; it’s also easier to see the bigger picture when you’ve stood back far enough to see the forest and not just the trees.
  • You’re free to dedicate your valuable time and energy to more important and personal priorities that need your undivided attention.


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Measuring Services Entail

  • Kitchen/room dimensions, position of doors, windows.
  • Positon of doors and windows.
  • Plumbing pipes, vents and electrical points.
  • Position and height sloping ceilings.
  • All possible details and dimensions will be entered into the Ikea Home Planner software.

The consultation & Detailed Work Proposal include.

  • A 30 minute in-house visit where we discuss about design ideas, specific needs and take precise measurements of your kitchen space.
  • A detailed plan, shopping list and 3D layout.
  • An itemized price quote and a detailed Work Proposal.

We will

  • Assemble cabinets, drawers and doors.
  • Install cabinets, panels, toe-kicks and cover panels
  • Adjust all cabinet doors and drawer fronts for appearance.
  • Cleaning exterior and interior of cabinets as well as the floor and other surfaces.

At an additional cost, we are happy to provide

  • Countertops fabrication and installation. (We work with over 500 exotic colors of granite !).
  • Additional carpentry, backsplash and any appliances installation.
  • Custom flooring, drywall, electrical and plumbing work.