Saving tons on cabinetry with a store like Ikea – but, don’t want it to look cheap?‘tricks of the trade’ to making an Ikea kitchen look totally custom and expensive. We like to call it the ‘encapsulation method.’
There are excellent
Custom cabinetry provides that extra finished look and you can have it too. An Ikea Kitchen Designer & Installer will come to your home and show you how beautiful Ikea cabinets can be in your space. With an encapsulation of your cabinets they can cover all the bases to achieve that high-end look.

Crown Molding

Never underestimate the power of a crown molded edge. Adding this small touch of painted lumber you can achieve a very fine edge with no gaps. It take a look from just okay to completely custom.


Filler Panel or Base

This simple outside panel finishes a cabinet look by getting your base cabinets as close to the wall edge as possible. Gaps are usually a dead giveaway that you saved lots of money. This filler panel makes 500 dollar cabinets look like a million bucks. Our Ikea kitchen installers can help you complete your design to achieve this edge.

Lower Edge Valance & Kick Plate

To complete your cabinet encapsulation and achieve that custom look, you can also build in a lower edge valance on the upper cabinetry or kick plate on the lower. This small-boxed edge really finishes things off nicely and adds that extra touch a high-end design would achieve.
Once again, Ikea helps you achieve the luxury of a custom look without breaking the bank. Let an Ikea Kitchen Designer & Installer come to you and show you the beautiful options available for your kitchen design.


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